Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Sunday Salon on Monday - No wait! It's Tuesday!

Let's just pretend it's Sunday.

So, it's been mentioned to me that I have a lot of contests happening right now. Yes I do. And there will be still more. So what's up with that? Well, a few things. First of all, I think hosting contests is just plain fun. Secondly, I've been the lucky winner in lots of contests, and I want to spread the good luck around. And thirdly, it helps get my mind off some rather dreary goings on.

In the last couple of weeks, layoffs have hit both my household and my workplace. I, myself, am thankfully still employed but, needless to say, the situation is distressing and depressing. I'm well aware, though, that things could be worse. Much worse. Two children in our small state have recently passed away from complications of H1N1. What could be worse than the death of a young child? My heart goes out to their families while my fears settle on my own nieces and nephews and their playmates. Everyone is trying not to panic. They have begun innoculating kids at their schools, but that's a process that will take over a month. Meanwhile, at home, both J-Boy-9 and E-Girl-6 have developed coughs and up and down fevers. It's very worrisome, and all I really want to do is stay home with them. On the other hand, the health officials seem to be saying "Look. Most people are going to get it, get over it, and be done with it." So, I'm trying to carry on as ususal as much as possible.

Let's move on to my recent reading choices and see if we can cheer things up a bit. Hmmm. Not too likely. I've read two books recently that were both very good, but quite sad. The first one, LOOKING AFTER PIGEON by Maud Carol Markson, I read for a blog tour and have been unable to complete my review because I was so emotionally tangled up with the story. The second book, FROM HERE TO APRIL by Deborah Copaken Kogan, I undertook thinking it was more of a mystery-type story than it turned out to be. Each of these books deals with the subject of . . . let's see, how can I express this? . . .  how about "faulty mothering." It was a tactical error to read these two books back to back. Together they were just too emotionally draining but, as I said earlier, they are quite good. I'll post my reviews for both these books toward the end of the week and counterbalance each with a happy picture book review. 

I've received several absolutely gorgeous gift books for review, and I plan to post about them over the next week or so. I'll be posting several new giveaways, too. And as much as possible, my reading material will be light-hearted and upbeat. Or at the very least, not heart-wrenchingly sad. Coming up later today is my review of a charming little book, CHERRIES IN WINTER by Suzan Colon. It consists of lovely anecdotes of ways in which her family withstood hard times through the last several generations. It came to me at the perfect time!


bermudaonion said...

You've been busy! I know how you feel about your kids - I went to the movie today and a woman in front of me coughed the whole time. I wanted to tell her she should have stayed home.

Maud said...

Thank you for reading and commenting on my novel, Looking Afer Pigeon. You write that you were "too emotionally tangled up with the story" to review it-- I would love to hear more from you about my book whether in your very public forum or privately.
It is always rewarding to hear from readers, particularly those who were affected emotionally by my writing.

All my best,