Saturday, August 15, 2009

Show Me 5 Saturday: SHOOT THE MOON by Billie Letts

Alison of That's A Novel Idea has just launched a fun new Saturday meme: Show Me 5 Saturday. (No wonder she's a multiple recipient of the Kreative Blogger Award!)

Here is Alison's description of Show Me 5 Saturday:
This meme will give each blogger an opportunity to give a brief description of a book they have read or reviewed during the week.

It will work like this:

Each Saturday you will post the answer to these questions. The number indicates the number of answers you will provide.

1 Book you read and/or reviewed this week
2 Words that describe the book
3 Settings where it took place or characters you met
4 Things you liked and/or disliked about it
5 Stars or less for your rating?

Here's my first installment:

1 Book read: SHOOT THE MOON by Billie Letts

2 Words to describe it: Inoffensive, Unprovocative

3 Setting or characters: DeClare, Oklahoma / Dr. Mark Albright a/k/a Nicky Jack Harjo, O Boy Daniels

4 Things I like or disliked: I liked the bit of mystery to the story and several characters were interesting and likable, but it took too long too for the story to get off the ground and overall it was pretty predictable.

5 Stars or less: I would rate this book 3 Stars

Description (from the publisher):

In 1972, the tiny windswept town of DeClare, Oklahoma, was consumed by the terrifying disappearance of Nicky Jack Harjo. When he was no more than a baby, his pajama bottoms were found on the banks of Willow Creek. Nearly 30 years later, Nicky mysteriously returns in this intriguing and delightfully hypnotic tale, full of the authentic heartland characters that Billie Letts writes about so beautifully.


Alipet813 said...

Thanks for playing! This book looks so interesting! I hate trying to get into a book that is slow to start though. Did you think it was worth it in the end?

rhapsodyinbooks said...

That's a great way to do a review - especially of a book you found to be kind of mediocre!

bermudaonion said...

I loved Billie Letts other books, and I didn't think this one lived up to them at all. It was a disappointment to me.

Gwendolyn B. said...

Kathy, Alipet, and Rhapsody: This meme is a good exercise to get at the core of your opinion about a book. Now I feel more of a responsibility to write a full review in order to explain my reaction. I'm not sorry to have read it, but I didn't like it nearly as much as I liked MADE IN THE USA. :) G.

Pam said...

I LOVE this idea for a meme. I will be playing this SAturday. Great idea!

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

I have not read this author for the longest time! Thanks for the reminder!