Friday, April 15, 2011

Ditto Doubles: Plucked from the Same Garden?

Is it just my imagination,
or are these covers all plucked from the same garden?

I love them all, regardless!

O.K. So maybe THE RETURN is a bit of stretch, but I can see that red flower coming from the same garden as the others!

Has anyone read any of these?  What did you think?
IMPATIENT WITH DESIRE recently came out in paperback, and I'll be posting my review soon.
(Hint: Loved it!)


TheBookGirl said...

In general, the color scheme of these covers is also remarkably similar :)

F.a.Ellis said...

Lovely blog!

Cozy in Texas said...

Very similar. I came across a blog post that showed different books with the same picture on but colored a little differently.

librarypat said...

I read IMPATIENT WITH DESIRE and loved it. Tamsen became very real for me. I actually stopped reading it close to the end, because I knew what was going to happen and by not reading I figured I was delaying the inevitable. When I finished the book, it was like loosing a good friend. If I had been living in the town where they started, I would have been her friend and probably joined them on the trip.

I hope you enjoyed it. It took a bit of adjusting to they writing style, but once I got the rhythm of it,the story flowed smoothly.