Sunday, October 10, 2010

TSS: The Sunday Salon 10-10-10

Gee, I haven't done one of these in a while! Hope I'm still in the loop.

Today, I have a million things to accomplish and the only way I can imagine getting to everything is to allot a little bit of time to each thing and just keep working my way through the list. I've already accomplished the first thing -- lounging around in bed! I've been reading a middle grade/young adult fantasy novel, NIGHTSHADE CITY by Hilary Wagner. It's quite a departure for me - the characters are RATS! I quickly got caught up in the story, but I'm having trouble identifying with the rats. I keep trying to get past it, but it's mentioned too frequently. I'm thinking I'll adjust to it as the story progresses. It is a good story - well written and very descriptive. Has anyone else read it? What did you think? I'm especially interested in hearing others' opinions on whether it is really appropriate for middle grade readers. I'm thinking it is geared more to older readers as there are references to young females being "drafted" into the evil overlord's harem. Any opinions?

Even though it is a gorgeous day here in Lil Rhody, I've got to spend some time at the office. We were shorthanded last week, and I just couldn't get everything done. But on my way, I plan to stop off somewhere sunny and bright by the water and read a few chapters of my current grown-up read, RUSSIAN WINTER by Daphne Kalotay. The title may conflict with today's weather, but I'm really enjoying this book, and I don't want the rats to get the upper hand!

I've switched over the laundry and am halfway through my 20 oz. of Diet Coke. When it's gone, so will be I. (? Is that even English?)

On my way to the office, I'll be popping in at the local Bread & Circus (oops! I mean Whole Foods).  Last week I received a review copy of 5 INGREDIENT FIX by Claire Robinson, and I'm eager to try out some recipes. First up - sauteed wild mushrooms. Yum! I'll let you know how turns out. I plan on trying several recipes throughout the week in preparation for my review - and dinner, of course!

And on my drive to the office and back, I'll be listening to DON'T BLINK by James Patterson. I'm pretty excited for this "listen" as I recently completed THE POSTCARD KILLERS and it made for a really fun and wild ride to and from work last week. I hope to have my review posted for early this week.

I'm ignoring the dishes in the kitchen for now - most are clean in the dishwasher but I just don't have time to empty it right now. Everyone should learn to prioritize! There are two things that absolutely MUST be completed before the end of the day:  The little dead mole that our cat, Lola, left on the back deck really deserves a decent burial. And the TV remote -- it's missing -- AGAIN! It must be found! Losing it drives me crazy - even if I'm NOT watching TV!

I know I'll be interrupting my work at the office and doing a little blog hopping this afternoon. It's what will keep me going. Hope you all have a great day -- after all, it's destined to be a 10 out of 10!

That's it! The Diet Coke is gone! and so am I . . . for now!


Tina said...

You had me trying to catch my breath just reading your post today. I often have days like that, and it's consoling to see there is someone else out there who reads more than one (like several) books at a time. But I do make myself take it easier on Sundays - only two books, a real dinner and some herb drying today. Oh....and a couple football games and a baseball game on Tv, and talk to kids on the phone, etc etc etc. Scary...

Zibilee said...

The rat book sounds really fascinating and I am going to have to keep my eye out for it. It sounds like you have a busy day planned, but it's good that you got some lounging time in as well :) I hope you have a great and stress-free week!

Zibilee said...

Wow! Congratulations to her on the new little one. What an adorable baby!

bermudaonion said...

You've got a lot going on, but at least you find ways to squeeze books in there!