Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not My Giveaways 02-07-10

Here are a few giveaways I found out there in the blogosphere and entered - maybe something here will strike your fancy, too! Good luck!

from At Home With Books

ends 02-16-10

from At Home With Books

ends 02-16-10

from Passages to the Past

ends 02-20-10

from Winter Write

ends 02-28-10

from The Conscious Cat

ends 02-17-10

from Tif Talks Books

ends 02-28-10

from The Burton Review
ends 02-12-10

from Writing the Renaissance
ends 02-09-10

ends 02-14-10

from Historically Obsessed

ends 02-11-10


Suko said...

Wow! Thanks for posting all these great book giveaways! I have one on my blog, too. :)

Sharla said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway! I will have to check these others out as well.

Happy Reading,


Tif said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway!! Good luck to you!! :)